MP4 Tools 3.8

MP4Tools is a software pack that consists of two separate applications (MP4Joiner / MP4Splitter) designed to help you split MP4 files or merge MP4 videos. None of the editing operations in MP4Tools requires re-encoding of video or audio streams and does not require time consuming encoding/decoding operations. This is why the editing process is very quick and does not lead to any loss of video quality. After a file is edited and saved, it retains its original format. This puts ''MP4Tools'' in the category of lossless video editors. Also, it means that you do not need a powerful and expensive computer to edit your video material.

MP4Splitter is a simple video editor that enables you to split your Mp4 video files into smaller pieces. Video can be split accurately by setting start point and end point, without having to re-encode the video, so no quality is lost. After a file is edited and saved, it retains its original format.

With MP4Joiner you can join multiple MP4 files and save it to a new file without converting (encoding) so it does not degrade the original quality of your video. MP4Tools already includes all video encoders and decoders , you don't need to download any other codecs to make it work.

MP4Splitter Screenshot

MP4Splitter / MP4Joiner Interface

Latest version: 3.8 (23 Nov 2019)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Download: MP4Tools-3.8-win32.exe (23.0 MB)
Download: Portable MP4Tools 3.8 (21.5 MB)

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