FlacSquisher 1.3.10

FlacSquisher converts a library of Flac files to MP3, Opus, or Ogg Vorbis format, maintaining the directory structure in the original library. That way, you can maintain your Flac files for home listening, and easily convert them to MP3, Opus, or Ogg format for portable mobile use, where storage space is more often tightly constrained. Moreover, FlacSquisher takes advantage of multi-core processors by encoding files in parallel, can copy or ignore files by extension (album art, log files), and ignores files already encoded previously. In order to use FlacSquisher, you’ll need to have Windows XP or higher installed. If you're running Windows 7, there's a separate installer available for download below which adds the use of the taskbar icon as a progress bar. To use FlacSquisher, simply select the directory that contains your FLAC files, the directory in which you want your MP3, Opus, or Ogg Vorbis to be written, select an encoder, and press "Encode!"

FlacSquisher Screenshot

Latest version: 1.3.10 (26 Feb 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: FlacSquisher-1.3.10-Win10-Installer.exe (2.8 MB)
Download: FlacSquisher-1.3.10-Installer.exe (2.6 MB)
Download: FlacSquisher Portable (136 KB)

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