EZ Volume Normalizer 0.8.1

EZ Volume Normalizer is a must-have for audio enthusiasts on Windows. This smart software offers precise control over your audio, ensuring consistent loudness with its intuitive loudness analyzer. Visualize volume changes over time with the volume/time analyzer graph, all while selecting your preferred soundcard. Fine-tune input signals, master volume, and the limiter lookback parameter for optimal results. Measure decibels accurately and enjoy the convenience of presets. Whether you're a music lover, podcaster, or content creator, EZ Volume Normalizer delivers unparalleled sound control, ensuring your audio is crisp and balanced.

Key Features of EZ Volume Normalizer for Microsoft Windows:
Volume Normalization - Enhance audio quality by normalizing and limiting the Windows master volume.
Loudness Analyzer - Analyze loudness to ensure consistent audio output.
Volume/Time Analyzer Graph - Visualize audio volume changes over time.
Delay and Slowness Control - Fine-tune the delay and slowness of audio processing for optimal results.
Soundcard Selection - Choose the desired soundcard for processing.
Input Signal Control - Fine-tune input signals for optimal sound balance.
Master Volume Control - Control overall volume with precision to match your preferences.
Limiter Lookback Parameter - Set the limiter's lookback for the desired audio effect.
Decibel Measurement - Accurate decibel measurement ensures optimal audio levels.
Presets - Save and load presets for various audio scenarios.
Audio Quality Enhancement - Ensure clear and balanced sound output without audio boosting.

EZ Volume Normalizer 0.8.1 changelog:
small bug fix in auto reset.

Please note: EZ Volume Normalizer focuses on enhancing sound quality by normalizing and limiting—perfect for creating a balanced audio environment; it does not boost your audio. Tested on Windows 10 (64-bit).

EZ Volume Normalizer is portable, standalone but requires GTKD runtime 3.24.8 (GUI dependency).

EZ Volume Normalizer Screenshot

EZ Volume Normalizer Interface

Latest version: 0.8.1 (17 Jan 2024)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 10
Download: VolumeNormalizer.exe (3.6 MB)

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