HEIF Image Extensions 1.1.861

HEIF Image Extension lets Windows 10 devices handle HEIF format files (.heic or .heif). HEIF and HEIC both stand for High-Efficiency Image File Format, with file extensions .heic or .heif. Initially unsupported by Windows, the HEIF Image Extension now enables viewing of these files on Windows devices. HEIF images with the .heic extension are compressed using the HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Codec) H.265 format.

HEIF is predominantly used by Apple devices like macOS, iPhone, and iPad. You can utilize third-party programs supporting various formats, but with HEIF Image Extensions, you can conveniently view these images directly in the Windows Photos app. The HEIF Image Extension was developed to enable users to open HEIF and HEIC files on their Windows PCs. For native HEIF support on Windows 10, get the HEIF Image Extensions.

Users may also need the HEVC Video Extensions to open and view files with the HEIC extension.

HEIF Image Extensions

Latest version: 1.1.861 (25 Apr 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 10/11
Download: HEIF Image Extensions (7.0 MB)

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