Trader's Little Helper

Trader’s Little Helper is a graphical front-end for several command-line utilities (including flac, lame, and shorten) which makes it easy to encode and decode a variety of audio file formats to wav files, create and verify MD5 checksums, build torrent files, and fix sector boundary errors. In most parts Trader's Little Helper acts as a frontend for the free console applications aucdtect.exe, flac.exe, lame.exe, mac.exe, metaflac.exe, mkwcon.exe, shntool.exe, and shorten.exe. Suitable releases of these files are included in the setup file. Do not replace any of the console applications installed by the setup file with older or newer releases. This may cause Trader's Little Helper to malfunction.

Key features:
Encoding of wav files to ape, flac, shn and mp3 format
Re-encoding of flac files
Decoding of ape, flac, mkw, shn, mp2 and mp3 files to wav format
Direct conversion of ape, flac, mkw and shn files to flac or mp3 format
Test of audio files encoded in ape, flac, shn and mkw format
Verification of cfp, ffp, md5, sfv and st5 checksum files
Creation of cfp, ffp, md5, sfv and st5 checksum files
Display of audio file properties (ape, flac, shn, mkw and wav files)
Fixing of sector boundary errors that come with ape, flac, shn, mkw, wav and mp3 files
Removal of extra RIFF chunks in audio files
Rewriting of WAVE headers to canonical format
Creation of skt files for non-seekable shn files
Test of wav files for mp3 source
Creation of torrent files
Display of the information encoded in torrent files
Hashing of torrent files against local filesets or files
Drag & Drop functionality for all supported file types
Integration into Windows Explorer
Check for update function

Note: Virus/trojan/malware warnings that some AV programs generate when downloading/installing TLH newer version v2.8.4 (build 185) are FALSE POSITIVES! If you are unsure about this warning, download and install the old version v2.7.0 (build 172) instead.

Trader's Little Helper Screenshot

Latest version: 2.8.4 Build 185 (24 Jan 2021)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: tralih284185.exe (1.9 MB)
Download: tralih270172.exe (1.4 MB)

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