Sazanami is a full-featured audio editor for Windows that supports uncompressed WAV formats. You can edit sound files such as WAV or AIFF files. In addition to MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, it is also possible to read DSF / DSF / WSD format DSD files, etc., and it also supports format conversion. The program offers a wide range of filters and effects that include compressor, limiter, fade, reverb, low-pass / high-pass filter, IIR filter, FIR filter, pitch / tempo change, and Doppler effect. You can also rip from an audio CD or record from a microphone input. Other features include hiss noise reduction, delay, click removal, support for VST / DX plug-ins, a volume normalization function, a parametric equalizer, channel selection function, and more.

Please note - Sazanami software is not suitable for:
Directly editing compressed files, such as MP3s, without decompressing them
Recording Internet radio

Sazanami key features:
Uncompressed WAV files are opened instantly
Cut/copy/paste editing
Sampling rate conversion
Search for silent regions
Recording from sound devices (microphone, line-in etc.)
Hiss reduction and click noise removal
Realistic FIR Reverb effect
Convolution using WAV files as FIR filters
WMA/MP3/Vorbis/FLAC import/export
AAC import/export (Windows 7 or later)
CD audio track import
Spectrum/spectrogram display
Pitch-preserving slow/fast playback

Sazanami changelog:
More tuning to improve the phase vocoder in quality.

Sazanami Screenshot

Sazanami Interface

Latest version: (10 May 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Download: (3.8 MB)

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