SAR Image Processor 5.7

SAR Image Processor is an advanced image and photo manipulation software that offers a ton of features like masks, filters, effects and many other advanced features found in professional graphics programs. You can resize, rotate, crop images, adjust color and brightness, sharpen your photos, swap color channels, apply several image effects and filters, convert between TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPG, FITS, FDIB and much more. The program is not aimed at beginners who wish to improve their photos or those with no photo editing knowledge at all; SAR requires some understanding of advanced image processing methods to achieve the best results.

SAR Image Processor key features:
Seam Carving with Derivative Blending (Gradient Domain Carving)
Seamless Cloning
Floating Point TIFF Support
Stacking for High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR Contrast Equalization (based on work of R. Mantiuk)
Automatic Variable Shift Alignment, "Block Alignment"
Geometrical Transformations Including Arbitrary Rotation via Lanczos Interpolation
Elastic Image Alignment
Automatic Image Alignment by simultaneous Rotation, Resizing and Translation
Extended Depth of Field Stacking
Noise Reduction by Non-Local Means (NL Means)
Gaussian Weighted Median
Image Enlargement with Super Rez. Postprocessing
Image Magnification by Data Dependent Lanczos
Periodic Smoothing for Pattern Removal
Image Magnification by Xin Li and Zhao-Xin Li
Isophote Smoothing Filter
Bilateral Filter
Jensen Edge Enhancement
Weighted Majority with Minimum Range (WMMR) Filter
Texture Inpainting
Tschumperle Inpainting.....and much, much more...

SAR Image Processor Screenshot

SAR Image Processor Interface

Latest version: 5.7 (23 Nov 2020)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: (2.6 MB)

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