RadLight Filter Manager 1.6

RadLight Filter Manager allows you to change merit of DirectShow filters. Each filter is registered with a merit value. When the filter graph manager builds a graph, it enumerates all the filters registered with the correct media type. Then it tries them in order of merit, from highest to lowest. (It uses additional criteria to choose between filters with equal merit). Be very very careful with RadLight Filter Manager. It can make changes that will break video playback, audio playback, and other features relying on various filters. Playing with RadLight Filter Manager is just like playing with your registry. You can make changes that will totally break things to the point that you may have to reinstall Windows from scratch to recover.

RadLight Filter Manager Screenshot

RadLight Filter Manager Interface

Latest version: 1.6 (18 Apr 2008)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: rlfm_bin1_6.zip (206 KB)

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