AV1vfw 0.85

AV1vfw Windows installer versions (AV1/AOM video for windows codec, based on x264vfw, by svt-av1). xAV1vfw allows you to encode videos into an AV1/AOM codec in any Video For Windows (vfw) compatible program, such as VirtualDubMod. AV1 is a video compression algorithm offers better compression efficiency than H.265/HEVC and is completely royalty free. The goal of the AV1 project is to replace AVC/H.264 as the predominant video format for the web and to compete with the HEVC codec, so high-quality video can be shared efficiently on the open web. AV1 will enable cross-platform 4k UHD video playback, deeper colors, brighter highlights, darker shadows, and other enhanced UHD imaging features, all while using less data.

AV1vfw - AV1/AOM codec Screenshot

Latest version: 0.85 (10 Nov 2020)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Download: AV1vfw 64-bit (2.5 MB)

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