AV1 Video Extension 1.2.931

The AV1 Video Extension ensures smooth playback of AV1-encoded videos across all video apps installed on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. AV1 Video Extension integrates with the native Movies & TV app, Microsoft Photos and Windows Media Player, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, it automatically downloads and installs the AV1 codec, enabling immediate access to high-quality video content. After you install it, you will be able to play AV1 videos on Windows. The AV1 Video Extension is essential for IrfanView users, allowing to effortlessly open and view AVIF files directly within the familiar interface of the application.

Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, the AV1 video coding standard ensures top-notch video quality. AV1 Video Extension unlocks the power of AV1, the successor to the HEVC codec, offering significantly better compression, faster loading times, and reduced data usage. This translates to stunning visuals at the same file size, or even higher quality videos with smaller file sizes.

Opening AVIF Files in Photoshop with the AVIF Format Plugin
If you have come across AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) files and tried to access them in Photoshop, you may have encountered the limitation of the software not supporting this format by default. However, a solution exists in the form of the AVIF Format plugin, which can be downloaded from its GitHub page. By installing this plugin, you can enable Photoshop to open and work with AVIF files seamlessly.

The AV1 Video Extension is available for Windows 10/11 and compatible with major web browsers.

AV1 Video Extension Screenshot

Latest version: 1.2.931 (24 Apr 2024)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows 10/11
Download: AV1 Video Extension (4.9 MB)

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