AURA 2.8.10d.213

AURA Nature Soundscape Player turns your PC into a complete nature sound environment generator. Aura was designed to be a simple program that runs in the background (system tray) and enhances your workplace with a relaxing nature soundscape. With AURA, you can solve sleep problems, reduce stress, and boost daytime energy. The software comes preloaded with a slew of nature sounds. Those sounds are the mainly the sounds that one would consider white noise. They are often used for relaxation and meditation. You can select between a daytime and night-time forest environment and also customize the frequency of acoustic elements that are part of the forest environment (birds, wind, rain etc.). Other features include automatic muting based on a set time, auto update, as well as a basic alarm function.

AURA Nature Soundscape Player Screenshot

AURA Nature Soundscape Player Interface

Latest version: 2.8.10d.213 (13 Sep 2021)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows (All)
Download: (227.0 MB)

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