ACE Stream 3.1.32

ACE Stream is a user friendly torrent video player based on the popular VLC that lets you play Torrent videos right in your browser without any need to download the whole torrent first. Just click on the movie which you want to watch, and ACE Player HD will stream that instantly. The main feature which distinguishes ACE Player from the original version of VLC is that ACE Player HD allows you to play online audio and video content via torrent-files, as well as other transport files and methods supporting BitTorrent protocol and Ace Stream technology. It is rather like watching a streaming video over a video-sharing website. ACE Stream client also let's you install various browser extensions such as "Ace Cast" that streams videos from video sites in your favorite desktop players and other home devices which support such technologies as Ace Cast, AirPlay, Google Cast etc. Magic Player is another browser extension that adds a context menu and a playback button to play multimedia content from websites via Ace Stream desktop application. And finally, the "P2P Search" userscript expands the capabilities of popular search engines with the ability to search video and audio content content in peer-to-peer networks using the protocols BitTorrent and Ace Stream.

ACE Stream Screenshot

ACE Stream Interface

Latest version: 3.1.32 (10 Sep 2018)
License: Freeware
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: Ace_Stream_Media_3.1.32.exe (82.4 MB)

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